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World Vision celebrates World Environment Day with Youth Led Clean-up Drive

On World Environment Day, child-focused organization World Vision in the Philippines empowers young leaders in Cotabato City to promote sustainable waste management practices and environmental resilience through active community involvement.

In collaboration with the Sangguniang Kabataan, Local Youth Development Office and City Environment and Natural Resources Office, some 450 children and youth participate in this initiative.

World Vision Interim National Director Jun N. Godornes stresses that “Critical issues of improper solid waste management and flooding remain as immediate threats to environmental sustainability and resilience of Cotabato City, and we hope to address these by engaging the youth in leadership roles to implement effective waste segregation and management strategies.”

The youth-led clean-up drive aims to achieve several objectives: increasing knowledge and understanding of solid waste management and the importance of waste segregation among young people, empowering young leaders to organize and lead clean-up efforts, fostering community collaboration and responsibility toward environmental challenges, and implementing effective waste segregation during clean-up initiatives to reduce drainage blockages. These efforts ultimately aim to mitigate flooding and promote long-term environmental stewardship.

This World Environment Day activity is part of World Vision’s Integrated Solid Waste Management – Circular Economy Adaptation for Alternative Plastic Waste Solution. The project is funded by European Union and co-funded by World Vision Germany.

It intends to contribute to improved Solid Waste Management capacities of local government units, civil society organizations, and informal sectors by integrating best practices of circular economy in Cotabato City.

“With our integrated efforts in conserving the environment, we look forward to seeing enhanced awareness and practical implementation of waste segregation techniques among community members, and stronger leadership and organizational skills among youth leaders, instilling a sense of responsibility and active engagement in environmental initiatives,” says Godornes while adding that they also expect a decrease in flooding incidents attributed to fewer blockages in drainage systems, a direct result of regular clean-up drives and proper waste disposal.

The 15 areas represented in the youth-led clean-up drive activity are Barangays Mother Poblacion, Bagua II, Mother Bagua, RH X, Mother Kalanganan, Poblacion VII, Mother Tamontaka, RH III, RH VII, Bagua I, Poblacion VIII, RH X, RH IX, Poblacion V, and Tamontaka III.

World Environment Day is a United Nations international day held every 5th of June to celebrate environmental action and the power of governments, businesses and individuals to create a more sustainable world.

About World Vision

For more than 65 years in the Philippines, the child-focused organization has worked with partners to achieve hope, joy and justice for all children through programs on health and nutrition, education, including values formation and spiritual nurture, child protection and participation, savings and livelihood, disaster preparedness and emergency response.


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