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YSC 2023 DISRUPT: Transforming Post-Pandemic Philippines through Leadership and Communication


This coming May 26, 2023 marks the return of one of the UP Speech Communication Association (UP SPECA) flagship events live and on the ground: the Youth Speech Congress (YSC)—a day-long forum and competition for high school students nationwide. YSC 2023 aims to ignite the passions of the youth for communication and the role it plays in contending with various social issues in the aftermath of the pandemic. Participating high school students will have the chance to win awards and generous prizes.

Since its establishment in 2017, Youth Speech Congress has become a forefront manifestation of the organization’s commitment to promote the significance and power of Speech Communication. After taking its systems online last year, YSC 2023 returns with its most recent installment with the theme DISRUPT: Transforming Post-Pandemic Philippines through Leadership and Communication. UP SPECA remains intent on continuously engaging high school students all over the country in conversation about pressing issues to shape their trajectories as active movers of society, as manifested through its subevents:

  1. YSC Symposia, features a series of talks aimed at informing and raising awareness on important social issues in the aftermath of the pandemic, such as the economic recession, digital misinformation, and historical distortion;

  2. Impromptu Speech Competition, which challenges the speakers’ ability to exhibit their wit, creativity, and rhetoric upon being given a spontaneous prompt related to the topics of interest in the symposia;

  3. Oral Interpretation Competition, which features the ability of the participants to move and captivate the audience through oral interpretation of a literary piece; and

  4. Idea Pitch Competition, which aims to spark innovation within the participants in generating sustainable project proposals for the advancement of their chosen advocacy.

As of writing, the registration is still ongoing until May 8, 2023! Interested participants may access the Invitation Package, which contains the entry forms and general guidelines, through this link:

With its humble beginnings 6 years ago, with only a handful of participating schools, Youth Speech Congress has grown through the years and has now become a staple and at the forefront of promoting the importance of Communication in our everyday lives.

This event is co-presented by Smart Communications Inc. and Dream Big Branding. In cooperation with the Zuellig Family Foundation. Together with our media partners, Now You Know PH,, The Manila Times, IKOT.PH, and Gadgets Magazine.

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