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PUP ECONRES General Assembly 2022 Article

by Paula Marie Bernardino

As they say, college might be the last and perhaps the toughest phase in a student's life. Coming to a university with a lot of expectations from yourself could eat you alive. That is why it is also necessary to interact with your blockmates and schoolmates by joining various academic and non-academic organizations to spice up your university life.

The PUP Economics Research Society (ECONRES), welcomes the academic year 2022-2023 through their General Assembly and Freshmen Orientation, with the theme, "We're All In This Together: The 2022 General Assembly & Freshmen Orientation," this November 17, from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM.

This year's featured talks are centered on how our esteemed speakers can help their fellow Economists-aspirants who struggle to juggle academics, joining school organizations, and their job. Applying to various organizations with uncertainties and doubts is a big step in honing oneself to go out of their comfort zones and become a better student, not just for the title, but because of the service one will render to their fellow Iskonomistas.

To further give an understanding and appreciation of the topics at hand, Mr. Carlos Neri, a PUP Department of Economics graduate from Batch 2022 and the former Editor-in-Chief of The Oikonomos Nexus, will share the gratuity that comes from taking a leadership opportunity. He joined several academic formations during his stay at the university. His talk will surely motivate Iskonomistas to never let uncertainty stop them from what they want to be.

The life of a student-leader, once you become one, will never be easy. Balancing your academics and being a leader will be a test of your time management skills and more. Along the way, as the students also move forward with their personal lives, there might be sudden opportunities for them to work for a company that will better suffice their studies and life. There might also be a need to choose between the three, or maybe, they only need to be inspired by a talk. Mr. Johaness L. Rivera, a graduate student of the PUP Department of Economics from Batch 2022 and the former Vice President for Marketing of the PUP ECONRES, shares his experience of being a working student-leader during his stay at the university. He will share the difficulties in balancing work, academics, and organization and tips on how to improve their time management skills without sacrificing one of their responsibilities.

Lastly, after everyone's stay at the university, as early as now, some might wonder what comes after their graduation. Some will think of going to Graduate School, some will consider enrolling in a Law School. Others may apply for their dream company. Mr. Ronn Jell Mercado, a PUP Department of Economics graduate from Batch 2019 and the former Vice President for Academic Affairs of the PUP ECONRES, will share his knowledge on career prospects after graduation. He will also share how to journey their life as a PUPian Iskonomista.

Truly, the Department of Economics has produced student leaders who inspire their youngsters to take the lead and never hold back.

See you there!


For questions and concerns, you may contact us via email at or message us on Facebook: Economics Research Society.

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