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TEP Celebrates its 10th Year and Decade-Long Advocacy Campaign Towards E-Waste Management

[#CampusBulletin] The E-waste Project (TEP) goes beyond standpoint for its 10th year along with a series of Physical and Online activities prepared with the goal of creating impactful methods to sustain the environment. After 2 years since the event was barred from being held physically due to the coronavirus, TEP at last was able to hold its traditional collection drive stationed at the UP Town Center - Ayala Mall in Katipunan, Quezon City. The donation drive lasted from April 18 - 24, 2022 and was participated by a number of people from the organization, university, and the public donating different kinds of electronic wastes such as used mobile phones, old phone chargers, unutilized home appliances, and the like. Furthermore, the act of Bayanihan was also evident throughout the duration of the donation drive with people kind enough to extend a helping hand to the organizers.

“Over the years, TEP has been consistently doing its part by informing the general public about the dangers of e-waste, and the positive impact of proper e-waste management on the environment. Moreover, TEP's annual collection drive has encouraged a lot of people to take part in this advocacy by simply just donating their e-wastes. As long as we continue to support this advocacy, TEP will be able to carry on with its role as a defender of the environment.”, says Rodgeson Flores, one of the Externals Co-heads for The E-Waste Project (TEP).

On the other hand, a large part of the The E-Waste Project (TEP) was held online. This year’s TEP fully utilized different online platforms to boost engagements and increase awareness regarding the project’s initiatives. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even partnering with a number of organizations / groups inside and outside of the university has contributed to the increase of engagements and participation by the public.

Furthermore, TEP also has taken publicity and promotions to a new level with the creation of The E-waste Project’s official Tiktok account where information is disseminated in a creative and engaging manner. Social media was also used to organize mini-games and activities for the public to join such as IG stories, FB crossword puzzles, and the like.

Amongst the online activities prepared was the traditional #TEPTalks which included a series of webinars via Zoom and Facebook live with the goal of boosting social awareness about the country’s worsening e-waste problem and proposing viable solutions to the issue of e-waste. The first of two webinar series held last April 29, was entitled “E-Waste In10sity and Its Impact on Society,” covering the present state of e-waste in the country. Keynote speakers invited for the first webinar installment were Engr. Kim Geo P. Bernal of DENR and Ms. Aileen Lucero of ECW.

“Our future generation is in our hands and we play a major role in protecting our environment. So, let's do our share and start that first small sTEPs on social and moral obligations. Always be guided by your political will, discipline, and the question “Do I really need it [electronics]?”, stated Ms. Lucero on the role of the people, especially the youth in protecting the environment; that we can do so in our own ways whether big or small.

The second installment of the #TEPTalks webinar series was held last June 3 entitled “Keeping Up E-Waste Management with Technological Advancements” which aims to narrow the gap between breakthroughs in technology and e-waste management capacities. Among the invited speakers were Engr. Francis Darwin Eugenio of Project IWASTO, Mr. Jon Alan Cuyno of Geocycle PH, and Ms. Leah Texon.

And finally, aside from the webinar series, one of the major events organized for this year’s TEP were the digital art and video-making contests which was held last May 7 - June 5, 2022. This event is a non-profit competition that aims to promote the initiative of TEP in raising awareness about the appropriate ways to dispose of e-waste and its effect on our environment. The contests were participated by Junior and Senior High School students nationwide with the winning group of each category set to win an amount of Php 3,000.00.

“Joining The E-Waste Project’s video making contest allowed us to learn more about technological waste and how we, as a part of humanity, must make positive changes to the world around us;”, from Cristen and Careena Tolentino, a Grade 12 and 11 student from Lorma Colleges Senior High School. Both were participants in the video-making contest and are siblings / teammates. “We were extremely happy that we were able to create a video and spread the message of The E-Waste Project’s advocacy with proper electronic waste management”, they added.

Now in its tenth year, The E-waste Project (TEP) continues to be UP Circuit’s annual social advocacy project aimed at raising awareness about the environmental impacts of e-wastes. It has also been widely recognized by different organizations and companies with awards being brought home. This year’s TEP would not have been successful without the leadership of members Jiezel Dela Rosa (20B) and Abbie Coleen Macaraeg (19A), TEP 10 core team, partners, organizations, participants, and the numerous people who joined hands to create an impact on society. Now more than ever, do we need to take a stand to create an ever-lasting impact on our world.

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