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Sky Harbour Elementary Students Work on Sustainability

Third-grade students at Sky Harbour Elementary, Southwest ISD, in San Antonio, Texas, tookproject-based learning to new heights in an effort to solve a real-world problem. This multi-classsustainability project became a goal to help students in another country. In the article “GettingBoats to Children Who Have to Swim to School,” students identified a problem, students in thePhilippines are having to wade or swim in the water to get to school.

First, in Science class, third-grade students learned about density, force, and motion and to design and build a boat that could float in water and/or race. Each in a boat race to see which boat could be pushed or pulled to the finish line withoutsinking.

Then, the students learned about the culture, community, and history of the Philippines in Social Studies class. They even heard from a first-hand Sky Harbour teacher, Mrs. Pattersoit it was for her growin the Philippines.

The article also mentions how The Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation, an organization essential support to students in the Philippines, by ensuring they can safely commute to school using boats. This initiative ensures that children have access to education,overcoming transportation challenges and opening up a world of opportunities for them. Skyrbour Elementary students then created a plan for a Third Grade Market, and our worked to create beautiful crafts while putting their entrepreneurial skills to work. efforts allowed the community of Kapunongan sa Gagmay'ng Mangingisda saConcepcion (KGMC) located in Kabasalan, Zamboanga Sibugay, Philippines, to receive asingle paddle boat, named the Dynamic Dolphin.

Our students were motivated by the purpose behind this project, and their compassion trulyshone through. They poured their hearts into making unique crafts to sell, and the responsefrom our supportive school was overwhelming. It was inspiring to witness their creativity,teamwork, and dedication.

Together, we are creating positive change and fostering a sense of global citizenship in ouroung learners.

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