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[#PressRelease] UPLB DOST SS officially launches Scholars’ SSymposium 2022

The UPLB Department of Science and Technology Scholars’ Society (UPLB DOST SS) officially launches this year’s Scholars’ SSymposium 2022 entitled YOUth Matter: Braving Challenges and Creating Chances with the themeHighlighting Youth’s Contribution to the Achievement of Sustainable Development Goals through Science and Technology

The Scholars’ SSymposium 2022 aims to talk about the challenges and opportunities in sustainable agriculture, public health, and engineering. Also, the said symposium will serve as an interactive platform for an intellectual discussion between youth leaders from Asia and Pacific region and discuss the challenges related to their field of study and their SDG-related projects. Ultimately, the symposium will also highlight the role of the youth in the advancement of SDGs through science and technology.

As mentioned, the speakers of this event are youth leaders from various institutions across different countries. Specifically they are Mx. Nadea Nabilla (Founder of Azure Indonesia, Indonesia) who will talk about Electronics Engineering, Mx. Kaitlyn Lamb (from University of Canterburry, New Zealand) who will discuss Sustainable Agriculture, Mx. Christopher Christian (from Universitas Indonesia, Indonesia) who will talk about Public Health, and Mx. Muhmmad Azizul (from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia) who will share about Mechanical Engineering.

The symposium will be held on December 10, 2022 (Saturday) and will involve two different sessions: 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM PST for the morning session and 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM for the afternoon session. This Scholars’ SSymposium is open for both high school and college students who want to ignite their passion and purpose in achieving sustainable development goals through science and technology. Also, attendees of the said symposium could also get various class incentives from different course subjects.

“I believe that many young people today are willing to create a positive impact but are clueless where to start. By inviting young innovators from different countries across Asia-Pacific, the region where the majority of the global youth population lives, I hope that the symposium will open an opportunity to create a stronger community of young sci-tech innovators within and outside the university,” Mark Jamer, UPLB DOST SS Internals Academic Committee Chairperson said.

Moreover, John Allen Villanueva, the activity head of the said event, highlighted that the Scholars’ SSymposium will serve as a great avenue for the youth to learn and be inspired from the young leaders in order to be the catalysts of development in achieving SDGs.

"With this great opportunity to hold this year's symposium, our organization is sincerely looking forward to the sessions serving as a jumpstart for those students or individuals who are willing to create positive change to our world. We hope that through our event, new trailblazers will emerge and become part of the overall solution,” UPLB DOST SS President Jeanmarlin Oraña said.

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Those who are interested to attend the Scholars’ SSymposium shall fill-out the registration form though this link:

The UPLB Department of Science and Technology Scholars’ Society (UPLB DOST SS) is an academic organization geared towards the advancement of Philippine society through the promotion of Science and Technology while encouraging academic excellence and holistic development among DOST scholars which form its membership base. Commitment, dedication, cooperation, and hard work are being invested by the members of the organization who are determined to establish their vision.

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