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Pagadian shows support for Robredo in ‘pinkplosion’ caravan

Hundreds of supporters of presidential aspirant Vice President Leni Robredo in Zamboanga del Sur showed their support through a massive caravan organized in Pagadian City, considered a Duterte bailiwick, on Saturday.

Around 500 participants, 11 boats, and 200 vehicles flaunted their pink ribbons, balloons, flags, and tarpaulins for a 13-kilometer parade from Labangan to Boulevard in the city.

Photo credits: Pagadianons Para Kang Leni

Pink-colored foods were also served including ice cream, pandesal, and puto for those who participated in the event and other citizens in the province.

Photo credits: Pagadianons Para Kang Leni

Every Wednesday, a regular “palugaw” and “libreng gupit” were also conducted for the “ZamboSurians.”

According to Pagadianons Para Kang Leni President Elmer Pranza, the group started with only 11 volunteers from different professions coming together through a Facebook group chat and eventually grew as more “Kakampinks” from other municipalities in the province expressed their support.

Ro Saldua, one of the organizers of the caravan, emphasized that what they did was to jumpstart a “movement” rooted from the “Leni effect” which inspired people to volunteer their time, effort, and resources for Robredo.

“What we are doing here is not a campaign but a movement. It's the “Leni effect” where people are coming out to volunteer… Traditionally, it's the candidate who spends to win an election. But with VP Leni, it's the other way around, people are shelling out from their own pockets to ensure she gets the seat in 2022,” said Saldua.

Photo credits: Pagadianons Para Kang Leni

Organizer Roy Santillan said the number of supporters who joined the caravan showed the spirit of volunteerism for the bid of Robredo.

“People went out. The spirit of volunteerism is there. We didn't expect the turnout of participants joining us today since we don't have a local leader or politician supporting VP Leni here in the city and province of Zamboanga del Sur. It simply shows that it's really the people who will bring VP Leni to the office,” said Santillan.

Organizer Dr. Erving Merlin said they were discouraged at first to organize the caravan due to lack of resources but because of the overwhelming support from people, more activities will be happening soon.

“We don't have a lot of people, resources, or supporters here in Zambo Sur. But as of the moment, it's really overwhelming to see hundreds of people joining the caravan - people sharing their time, effort and resources, donating and waking up early just for the event. We are very grateful to everybody, to Pagadianons and Zambosurians,” said Merlin.

“I know that there's still a lot of Zambosurians who want to go out and support VP Leni. This caravan is just the beginning. There will be more activities,” Merlin added. Joselle Dela Cruz

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