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GO4L DRIVEN Productions successfully held Forward: Going Beyond the Bandwidth of Marketing


The event transpired last June 3, 2022 via Facebook live where students and young professionals attended to learn Data Analytics in E-Commerce, Programmatic Advertising and Augmented Reality (AR) Marketing.

Bree Mercado, one of the Top 100 Marketing Students in the Philippines in Markprof 2021 hosted the event. Ms. Mercado also hosted college-wide, university-wide, regional, national, and even other universities’ events.

In Click, our first Vanguard, Mr. John Alexander Fellizar, discussed the potency of analytics in business operations with the Realists and Visionaries. He shared his expertise in Data Analytics and e-Commerce, stating that both are a match made in e-heaven. He later noted that there is no e-commerce without data analytics.

Thanks to Link's Vanguard, Mr. Charis Cutar, we learned that technological expertise is not that necessary to engage in Programmatic Advertising. Simply having the capacity to communicate effectively, comprehend data, and utilize Microsoft Excel to its full potential would suffice. His discussion clarified that Programmatic Advertising is just the automated process of buying and selling ads, and that it only takes a few minutes.

Lastly, Sync's Vanguard, Ms. Aileen Manalo, gave us our first taste of Augmented Reality (AR) Marketing. She brought the enlightenment of created reality in the perceivable world in her discussion of AR Marketing. She noted that AR Marketing transforms the world around us.

After each presentation, the audience participated in a lively Q&A session to better understand the material covered. Afterwards, Bry Flores and Jason Monterde performed for the attendees, enchanting them with their music.

Lastly, one of the Project Heads, Gracielle Ann Perez, had an insightful concluding statement as the program came to a close. Ms. Perez said in her message that the adventure in Sensorama never ends. As time goes on, we will all need to go deeper and broader into the Marketing realm, thus our current explorations are simply the tip of the iceberg.

What GO4L-DRIVEN Productions gave the Visionaries and Realists is far more than a trip; it is an exploration beyond the bandwidth of Marketing, a foreshadowing of what the future might entail.

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