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EJK-themed films stream online during the Active Vista International Human Rights Festival

By Jose Oscar Magpusao

Photo Credits: Active Vista Website

DAKILA - Philippine Collective for Modern Heroism presented the 2021 Active Vista International Human Rights Festival through its Active Vista Center coinciding with the 49th anniversary of the proclamation of Martial Law in the Philippines on Tuesday.

The festival hosted a respectable selection of films all centered around stories of oppression, extra-judicial killings, President Rodrigo Duterte’s war on drugs and, of course, Martial Law.

These films include: ‘Aswang’ by Alyx Arumpac, a documentary about President Duterte’s war on drugs; ‘Pisay’ by Auraeus Solito, a film about the life of six promising high school students during Martial Law; ‘The Kingmaker’ by Lauren Greenfield, a documentary about the life of Imelda Marcos; ‘Respeto’ by Treb Montreras II, a story of an artist’s life after having lived through Martial; ‘Tao Po’ by Mae Paner, a documentary about extrajudicial killings in the Philippines; and ‘ML’ by Benedict Mique, an award-winning 2018 film about Martial Law.

This online film festival started on September 21 and will continue to stream the films above until October 10, although ‘Pisay’, ‘Respeto’ and ‘ML’ will only be screened until September 30.

If any of these films interest you, tickets can be bought and the films can be watched through Active Vista’s website linked here:

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