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BreakTRUE: A Fact-Checking Youth Forum

Now You Know? Then, BreakTRUE!

In line with the emergence of social media discussions comes factual and false news. Articles relating to stories from the past and recent political issues are increasing, revised, and disseminated online. It has now become easy to be a victim of fake news.

Take part in BreakTRUE: A Fact-Checking Youth Forum, a timely and enriching workshop that aims to equip the youth with skills in identifying facts from false news. Spotting disinformation on social media has the potential to deeply impact events that occur in the real world and spark change for the better. Together with Mara Cepeda and other student journalists, let’s aim to disseminate fact-checking knowledge that makes the youth well-informed and well-equipped to uphold what is right.

Take part in championing the truth and join us on December 4 from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM, via Zoom. Now is the time to know and be empowered.

Register now and BreakTRUE!

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