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Youth Speech Congress 2022: Know the Power of your Voice in Amplifying Leadership and Communication

Updated: Mar 30, 2022


This coming May 6 to 7, 2022, The UP Speech Communication Association (UP SPECA) brings back one of its flagship events, Youth Speech Congress (YSC) — a two-day forum and competitions for all high school students all over the country. YSC aims to inspire the youth to see the relevance of communication in different social issues, specifically on what the event aims to highlight. Participating high school students will have the chance to win awards and generous prizes.

Since its establishment in 2017, Youth Speech Congress has become a forefront manifestation of the organization’s commitment to promote the significance and power of Speech Communication. In its 3rd installment, with the theme Leadership and Communication Amidst a Pandemic, Youth Speech Congress 2022 goes online to continue providing high school students with an avenue to invest their minds in the importance of communication manifested through its subevents:

  1. YSC Symposia, featuring a series of talks aiming to inform and raise awareness on important social issues that we’re facing such as Vaccines, COVID-19 and Education, and Leadership . ;

  2. Impromptu Speaking, testing the rhetoric, wit, and quick-thinking of the participants, in which the topics of interest are rooted based on the symposia. ;

  3. International Speech Competition, features the ability of the participants to move and captivate the audience through oral interpretation of a literary piece. ; and

  4. Idea Pitch which aims to spark the creativity of participants in creating effective and sustainable programs that will further their chosen advocacy.

As of writing, the registration is still ongoing, and will last until April 18, 2022! Interested participants may access the Invitation Package, which contains the entry forms and general guidelines, through the link:

With its humble beginnings in 2017, with just 10 participating schools, Youth Speech Congress has grown through the years and has now become a staple and at the forefront of promoting the importance of Communication in our everyday lives.

This event is co-presented by Motivo Philippines and Well+Good PH. In cooperation with The Asia Foundation. Together with our media partners, Now You Know PH,, The Manila TImes, and Gadgets Magazine.

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