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[Y-SPACE] Why it Pays to Do What Fears You?

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

By Samantha Gayle Santos

People would often tell us to do what our heart desires because this will lead us to the success that we’ve been dreaming of. That we should dwell on our strengths for it gives us the zeal to pursue our endeavors. However, are we living life to its fullest if we don’t get to do what we’re not used to, or the things that we fear doing?

Our life was conditioned to reach the end goal - to attain the state where we can finally say that we’re happy and contented. That’s why at an early age, our parents would let us discover our inner potentials and introduce different hobbies that might instigate us to something that we might love doing in the long run. Don’t get me wrong, it’s alright if we were raised this way since it is one of our parents’ ways of ensuring that we get nothing but the best.

Notwithstanding this while growing up, I know I’m craving for more. I am aware of the notion that I’m good with what I am currently doing but deep within me, it feels like I haven’t unlocked a superpower. Later on, I realized that I have been used to live in a mundane cycle of being confined with the portion that I’m best at without seeing the facet of doing the things that scare me. I was blinded to the idea of fortifying my strengths without facing my weaknesses mainly because of letting the fear that dictates my system all along.

This may be a paradox to the quotes and pieces of advice that we’ve been absorbing for the longest time, but doing the things that frighten you will certainly bring you not to your dream destination, but to your best journey. The pandemic taught us a lot that made our world upside down. It made us see what we’re taking for granted, what was broken in the system and what must be changed. Certainly, the game will start to change once we acknowledge what we fear and understand that we are all afraid of something for different reasons. Be it to a ride, an activity, an occurrence, we were created not to become a superman trying to save ourselves from our Achilles’ heel in just a snap because we are conscious that the acceptance of fears cannot be done overnight and it’s okay.

This allows us to be accustomed to the feeling of the fear slapping you in the face until the mantra becomes “I overcame it before and I can get through it now.” Tim Ferriss in his TED Talk highlighted that fear is our friend and an indicator that sometimes shows us what we shouldn’t do. It almost always shows you precisely what you should do. The most efficient, scientific method for overcoming fear is to gradually expose yourself to the thing that worries you, starting small and gradually increasing tolerance. If we continuously exercise ourselves in facing those, we both cultivate the strength and bravery to conquer the things we thought would put us in peril.

The fear won’t go away and it should not, for it will constantly remind us that we are created to withstand and move forward. It trains us to have the self-perception to take the challenge of recognizing when we should listen to our fear and when we should disregard it. We can’t always win over our fears for it’s a lifelong battle that we must endure to make us feel that essence of humanness. Fear continues to dare us to keep on thriving and live life like a hell of a sweet ride. Losing over fear does not equate to weakness but to the courage that will propel you to greater heights.

Embrace the season of taking the small steps towards battling what terrifies you. Own your emotions and don’t let the fear overpower and control you in any way. You may have the capacity to take action but never be afraid to seek for help if the situation necessitates one. Know that you are not alone and permitting your support system will certainly provide a helping hand in the most difficult times. By the time you’re reading this, I wish that you find that will and determination to show to the world that you are possible, that you can never be stopped.

Samantha Gayle Santos, 21, is a Communication student of the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila.

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