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  • Brian Bernaldez Nalagon

Tatak Bagong Himig presents a glimpse of melodious cheers for the upcoming Choral Fest 2024

STA. MESA, MANILA – PUP Bagong Himig Serenata, PUP's resident choral group and "The Country's Pioneer Dancing Chorale", spearheaded by Mr. Mark Gregory Isip,  gives a harmonious glimpse of its annual Choral Fest  this coming March 20, 2024, at Tanghalang PUP, PUP COC Compound, Sta. Mesa Manila. The decade-long celebration of musical timelessness persisted  ever since 2015, even in the middle of the pandemic when almost every industry halted. This celebration through the years turned not only to community engagements and showcasing of not-so-hidden-talents  but also advocacy campaigns. 

Mr. Isip said that the annual Choral Fest took inspiration from Madz et al's annual gathering of choirs where conductors are also alumni of Madz itself. Decades passed and the then only presumed anniversary concert became a haven for choral groups to show that choral singing is not just a plain, formal and boring genre of singing. Choral singing is for awareness, and the sense of belonging of everyone in the community, and it is full of fun and a pinch of quirks as well. 

Tatak Bagong Himig presents themes that are different from one year to the other. Like last year's theme Kwentambayan 2023, preceding this is the Virtual Choral Festival 2022 just to name a few. What makes these themes unique from one another is not only the set up of the choral fest but the tone it sets for the audience.That is why formulating new themes that are more relevant every year is becoming more challenging, especially because March, the month Choral Fest is conducted annually, is Art's Month;  March is also the birth month of Bagong Himig Serenata from its precedent branding KASAPA; and March is also when we celebrate Women's Month. There are so many things that are significant to tackle during  this time of the year not only for the choir group but for the community it belongs to. 

That is why Choral Fest 2024 will not just be another day of nonstop singing and grooving.  This year's spotify-inspired theme, "Harmonify: Timeless Hits on Track '' is a premium fusion of classic hits and trendy hits in-jive with the constant change of platform where people listen to music and where people find music most comforting and eargasm finds. Where listeners could listen to and are free to shuffle into different genres just like how Choral Fest celebrates the fusion of different cultures, individuals, colors and harmony all-in-one. By inviting  choirs from other PUP campuses and other choirs inside the Metro, the spirit of choir singing will transcend like a timeless hit on track. Harmonify also aims not only to solely revolve around the celebration of Art's Month but will also serve as an avenue to serve tribute to women, and amplifying the marginalized voices through the power of music.

If you want to keep on track with the latest updates about Choral Fest 2024 follow and subscribe to the social media pages of PUP Bagong Himig Serenata on Facebook, X, Instagram and Tiktok

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