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Netizens share voter registration stories on social media as deadline nears

By Jose Oscar Magpusao

Photo Credits: CNN Philippines

Netizens took to social media to share their voter registration stories and displayed their dedication and determination to contribute to the Philippines’ democratic process as registration nears its deadline.

Two users posted comprehensive accounts of their experience through the process of registration, particularly noting their willingness to begin the process at the crack of dawn and enduring the long wait among large crowds of registrants until the afternoon.

Facebook user Sofia Santelices shared her story in a post, noting her reluctance in the beginning but ending up inspired and hopeful as she endured the long and tiring process alongside a massive crowd of Filipino voters, stating repeatedly that “may pake ang mga Pilipino.”

Instagram user Jesse Rey Baban also shared a quick summary of his long registration process, having spent almost nine hours to register at a mall in Quezon City, through the app’s Stories feature.

Twitter users @yssabluemie, @_ranielthegreat and @bbtashxxi also shared their registration stories on social media, noting the weight their votes will carry and their eagerness to be registered despite the grueling process, hoping for the extension to pass for their fellow Filipinos yet to register.

Filipinos continue to flock to registration sites, eager to register their votes and participate in the upcoming elections. The bill extending voter registration to October 31, 2021 has been subject to promising developments as it garners Senate approval on Monday, although its enactment is still not a certainty.

“The matter of extension of voter registration will be taken up by the en banc tomorrow on the 29th of September 2021," Commission on Elections spokesman James Jimenez said on Tuesday.

"After consultation with Comelec officials, and in consideration of the public clamor, it is likely that an extension of the period of voter registration will be granted,” Jimenez added.

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