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QUEZON CITY – After COMELEC announced the extension of voters’ registration until October 31, the Institute for Policy, Strategy, & Developmental Studies, Inc. (IPSDI) is now adding another focus to its efforts: converting registered voters into actual turnout for the upcoming national polls.

IPSDI President Elmer Cruz emphasizes how consequential the national elections will be in 2022 for the country’s future.

“2022 is our chance at transforming our country for the better.” said Cruz.

Ang daming naka-taya sa paparating na halalan. Tayo tayo din ang apektado sa kalidad ng mga mamumuno sa atin. At pag nagsama-sama tayo, maaabot natin ang pagbabagong gusto natin para sa ating bansa.” added Cruz. “Now, the challenge is getting those who registered to actually vote for 2022.”

(There’s so much at stake in the upcoming elections. We’re all affected by the kind of leaders that we have. And if we are united, we can achieve the change that we want for our country.)

Since the launch of IPSDI’s #STRONGERtogether campaign last month, together with COMELEC and Tahanang Walang Hagdanan (TWHI), a total of 1,092 participants have registered through the campaign composed of Senior Citizens, PWDs, and Filipino Youths.

“The priority is clear: to get everyone to participate in the elections, and we can only do that if we make voter registration all the more accessible and appealing.” said COMELEC Spokesperson James Jimenez during the launch.

Aimed at making voters registration accessible and appealing for the marginalized sector, the campaign underscores how every vote could mean a difference for the outcome of the elections.

“We will not stop here. Tuloy parin ang laban, kapit-bisig tayo sa pag-hikayat ng mga botante para sa halalan.” says Cruz “We’re stronger together. Every vote counts.”

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