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#TatagPinoy: Cultivar en la Agua: a Hydroponics Sustainable Way to Gardening

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

by: Rtr. Ma. Theresa Lanelle C. Bañez

Assistant Secretary | Rotaract Club of Zamboanga City West

Food security has been a drive for people to find ways in surving the long days under the uncertainties of the pandemic. Food innovation grew beyond the normal cooking norms─ it has adapted planting too… on water!

The Siembra PAZ: Peace through Agricultural and Communal Farming in Zamboanga of the

Rotaract Club of Zamboanga City West has introduced a new phase of impact in the context of soil-cured plantation to the society, especially to the recipients of the project ─ the Association of Tulungatung Innovative Women Agripreneurs (ATIWA) farmers. The call of the pandemic signaled the club to dominate the idea of endorsing an innovative and cost-efficient way to address the season’s invitation: the hydroponics gardening.

ATIWA farmers are composed of women in Tulungatung, Zamboanga City

Cultivar en la Agua: a Hydroponics Sustainable Way to Gardening was inspired by the

inauguration of the Siembra PAZ as Rotaract Club of Zamboanga City West’s pledge and pact of sustainability to the women farmers from the 2020 Edison Ong National (EON) Awards of the Rotary Club of Manila Magic. The project aims to introduce modern effective urban agriculture technology and promote gardening through the presence of water as the main alternative growth source for farming. Primarily, the materials utilized were grapes styro, styro cups, bio-organic coco peat, nutrient solutions, UV plastic and garbage bags. The preparation of the UV shed and other materials took the club 15 days to establish before the ATIWA farmers were trained about the hydroponics technology.

After the installation of the modern farming technology, the club is looking forward to a fruitful

production of the variants of lettuce─the most prominent farming specie planted ─ for 30 days and market the harvest. Transfer technology will be realized then with the 15% of the accumulated fund rendered to the club as funding for other gardening projects in different existing communities; the remaining portion of the proceeds will be of the farmers to sustain the hydroponics garden.

Set-up of UV Plastic for the hydroponics shed assisted by the MBLT

ATIWA Farmers preparing the hydroponics materials

Supporting the cause of the event, the project was made possible with the impact of Rotary Club of Zamboanga City West, Marine Battalion Landing Team 11, Myler Agribusiness, Inc., and Hon. Khymer Adan Olaso, Councilor of District 1., for the materials offered for the cause,

Zamboanga-Basilan Integrated Development Alliance,Inc. (ZABIDA) and Verde Zamboanga Inc. for the ATIWA’s gardening equipment, and Kids Who Farm for spearheading the training on the hydroponics.

The initiation of Cultivar en la Agua resulted to an economical help to the youth, their families, and the community. With hydroponics, modern farming grows wealth!

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