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Cheer UP Pinoy| Sustainabili-TALKS: Speak green, Act green! Webinar

Cheer UP Pinoy

Sustainabili-TALKS: Speak green, Act green! Webinar

Event Date: November 13, 2021

Last October 7, Cheer UP Pinoy kick started CUPendium, a four-part infographic series which aims to provide insightful and timely information about environmental sustainability in the Philippines.

From the water surrounding the archipelago, to the air that enables humans to breathe, and the energy that suffices all our technological engagements, the first infographic gave significant updates on certain environmental issues that the pandemic has had impacted massively.

The second infographic focused more on the large-scale initiatives, such as national policies and international movements, that are currently being implemented to combat the aforementioned environmental issues.

The third infographic explored the environmental impact of the corporate world and how some businesses and social enterprises are beginning to steer towards sustainability through adjusting their resource allocation and meeting consumer demands.

Lastly, the fourth infographic highlights some beneficial ways of living greener which can be incorporated in our lifestyles, noting that micro-efforts, collaboratively, will have a macro-effect in forwarding for environmental protection.

This November, look forward to interacting with notable speakers in Sustainabili-TALKS: Speak green, Act green! Webinar where they would provide substantial information and give their professional insights on actions done toward environmental issues in the country, our individual environmental responsibility and sustainable efforts incorporated at home. This webinar will be held on Zoom and will be broadcasted live on Facebook on November 13 at 2:30-5:00 pm. You may register through this link:

Ingat mga CUP-wa Makakalikasan!

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