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[#CampusBulletin] Ready, Get CET!, Go!

by Get CET! 2022 Team

Having to choose among the available degree programs and universities can be a real struggle! Good thing Get CET! is here to help!

Get CET! is a premier educational program that is designed for high school students having a hard time preparing for university life. This year, Get CET! is proud to present two events: Course Mixer and Live College Q&A. Through the Course Mixer, high school students will get the chance to interact with college students from the different courses that will be featured. Meanwhile, through the Live Q&A event, students will be given the opportunity to hear from renowned speakers from different universities!

The Course Mixer will be held via Zoom and Discord from May 28 to 29, 2022 while the Live College Q&A event will be livestreamed on Get CET!’s official Facebook page on June 4, 2022. Sign-up for our events now at

See you at Get CET!

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