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[#CampusBulletin] Benilde’s Biggest Comeback: UNITE 2023

by: Job Brioso, Ericka Celamor, Jouliana Gapate, and Hazel Vasquez

Rocketman has finally landed!

De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde was full of festivities last May 12, 2023. From having the Student Involvement Day where Benildeans can choose which organization they would want to be part of, all the way through the triumphant return of UNITE 2023, co-directed by the duo: Student Trainers’ Joaquin Del Rosario and Stage Productions and Teams’ Earl Marquez that manifested the dream theme “Rocketman,” which came blasting from the stars where Benildeans owned the dance floor and became rock stars!

A pre-event show commenced the Festival Day where open mic performers: Cyrus Bon, Alexandra Supangco, Novacain aka Lawrence Andreu Akira del Rosario and Cino Escandor, and Gem Largo entertained the crowd at the Plaza Villarosa during a perfect afternoon, the said pre-event spectacle was hosted by Joshua Lecitivo and Iya Dy-Liacco. Aside from the music and entertainment, food concessionaires and a freedom wall “Reach for the Stars” were also to be found at the Plaza Villarosa making the place the prime hang-out spot for Benildeans just before the ever-awaited concert.

Fast forward to the sixth hour in the evening, the solidarity concert hosted by none other than the dynamic duo Justin Alviedo and Cia Eugenio was ready to begin. The two hosts brought their unique personalities and energy to the event, hyping up the crowd and keeping the momentum going throughout the entire show. They introduced each performer with enthusiasm and excitement, building anticipation as the show progressed.

Starting the show with the grooviest group: Saint Benilde Romançon Dance Company (SBRDC) Hip Hop flaunted their flashiest outfit and on-the-beat dance moves that hyped up the crowd! Next up was Battle of the Bands champion– JOAO which reminded everyone why they were hailed as champions and made the crowd jump and have their best time! Followed by Why July which charmed and serenaded the crowd with their melodic tunes and inescapable lyrics. Taking it easy, they got everyone’s heads in the cloud with their laid-back beats. For the next performers, that definitely left Benildeans saying “shantay you stay” because not one but two show-stopping drag performances graced the stage: Poblaxion alongside Aleena Flare and Lala Oopsie gave every Destiny child’s fanatics the time of their lives. Gandares together with Novastar and Neisseria served a playful burlesque number that left Benildeans wanting for more. Of Mercury transported the Benildeans to a different realm with their captivating stage presence and unforgettable performance. The moment Ena Mori stepped on stage, it was as if it were transformed into a magical place. The Filipino-Japanese artist enchanted everyone with her eargasmic vocals as she gave a new taste of OPM. Moments before her “FALL IN LOVE!” performance, Zild Benitez joined her which surprised the entire Benildean crowd and got them hyped up during the entire set! Mid concert a Filipino Sign-Language Interpreter got on stage which made everyone in awe and appreciate Benildean’s Inclusivity. Last but definitely not least, One Click Straight had everyone singing their hearts out. Their infectious melodies and soulful lyrics had everyone hooked from the first note.

To cap it off, DJ Yung Masa dropped sick beats that made everyone dance the night away concluding UNITE 2023 as one of the most memorable nights in Benilde. Whew! The comeback all Benildeans have been longing for has finally touchdown on the physical stage and it’s everything we ever dreamed of and more! Indeed, what a night to remember– thanks to SPOT and Benilde Cultural Arts Unit (BCAU) that helped the Students Trainers to make UNITE the one of the most rocking event Benildeans could have.

All good things must come to an end. So for now: that has been UNITE 2023, signing off… but wait… don’t throw your disco boots just yet. The end is far out of reach as that is just the beginning! Watch the skies for the NEXT comeback of UNITE.

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