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AWARE launches E-Book on PNoy

By Jose Oscar Magpusao

Volume one of the E-book “Salamat PNoy,” a compilation of testimonies from various thought leaders, was virtually launched and published by the Alliance of Women for Action Towards Reform (AWARE) on Wednesday.

The first in a two volume set, “Salamat PNoy” shared the praises of various heads of state, government officials, clerics, business people, educators, journalists and even the average Filipinos.

The testimonies inside reflected the life’s work of the late President Benigno S. Aquino III, highlighting the accomplishments of his administrations and the impact his leadership had on the lives of the Filipino people.

Volume two, on the other hand, is set to release in early October and will comprise personal memories from family, close friends, household staff, speechwriters and the close-in staff of PNoy.

Founded in 1983 after the assassination of the late Senator Ninoy Acquino, AWARE played a leading role in the protests that eventually led to the 1986 snap election and the EDSA Revolution.

Narzalina Lim, one of AWARE’s founding members, revealed that their organization’s decision to present the legacy of the late President in such a way was so that his presidency was “documented and preserved for posterity.”

“It is a gift to future generations of Filipinos, especially the young, who we hope we will be inspired by and learn from the good governance practices of the PNoy administration,” Lim said in the press release.

In conjunction with the launch of volume one, AWARE hosted four writers who will read excerpts from their tributes as well as artists who will perform the late President’s favorite songs and invited the public to join in via Zoom.

The book will be available for free starting September 01, 2021 and can be downloaded from the website:

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