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Artistang Artlets - UST, back with their annual VAW Production with ‘Aban-TEH!’

By Chloei Fornea

Artistang Artlets, the official theatre guild of the University of Santo Tomas’ Faculty of Arts and Letters, is proud to announce its return with their annual advocacy production. In an effort to stand with women in addressing the omnipresent issue of gender-based violence, the organization is set to stage a production that will ignite change and raise awareness with its title “Aban-TEH!”.

“Pumunta si Joan sa Aban-TEH! Clinic dahil sa kanyang mabigat na pakiramdam. Matagal-tagal na rin ito kaya ninais niyang magpatingin kay Dok Gabriela, ang resident doktor, ng clinic. Unti-unting matutuklasan ni Joan ang mga sanhi ng kanyang kondisyon at hahanap ng paraan upang mawala ito sa tulong ni Dok Gabriela.”

Directed by Allen Margallo, written by Isabelle Laurente, and produced by William Dexter Mamuyac, “Aban-TEH!” is a powerful and thought-provoking production that serves to raise awareness of the psychological, sexual, and/or physical abuse that women face. Through the spellbinding and compelling theatrical masterpiece that weaves narratives and shed light on the various forms of violence against women, we can expect the audience to go through an emotional journey as they connect with and relate to the main character’s pain, resilience, and tenacity.

The story unfolds around Joan (Kathrine Gallo) as she navigates through the what-used-to-be well-established Aban-TEH Clinic in hopes of ridding herself off of the aggravating sensation of Kamay (Cristina Angela Manlangit), Bibig (Lance Isaac Tinio), and Mata’s (Lourdes Angel Gonzales) presence with the help of Dok Gabriela (Raven Kurt Arellano). The exceptionally nuanced portrayals of the cast and ensemble unflinchingly explore the uncomfortable truth of deeply rooted societal oppression and power dynamics against women.

The production is not only a form of artistic expression but also a catalyst for change. Partnering with UST Simbahayan, Artistang Artlets aims to empower its audience by bringing the harsh reality of violence against women to light and eradicating any form of multifaceted and perpetuating manipulation.

“Aban-TEH!” is a testament, urging society to confront the issue, hold perpetrators accountable, break the silence, provoke discussion, and promote empathy.

To watch the play premiering on the 31st of May 2023 at 5 PM on the Official YouTube Channel of Artistang Artlets, register through this link:

For more information, please visit Artistang Artlets’ respective social media accounts:

About Artistang Artlets:

Artistang Artlets has been the long-standing theatre guild of the Faculty of Arts and Letters of the University of Santo Tomas. It has been built upon the virtues of respect and hierarchy and its members have been consistently fueled by passion for theatre and the performing arts.

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