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[#PressRelease] Break the Fake Calls on Influencers to Help Fight ‘Fake News’

The Break the Fake Movement is seeking micro and macro influencers who will help fight disinformation, a worsening issue in the Philippines. According to a recent Pulse Asia survey, 9 out of 10 Filipinos consider ‘fake news’ a problem, a national sentiment that covers all socio-economic classes. The study also revealed that social media influencers and journalists are seen as the top spreaders of disinformation.

Given this worsening problem, the Break the Fake Movement designed a new program called the Media Civics Lab Fact-Checking Academy, a media and information literacy program that aims to fight disinformation amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The program started catering to SK leaders nationwide, and the initial groundwork will be supplemented through the addition of another layer of audience to its original design – the influencers.

The Break the Fake Movement is encouraging influencers who support critical thinking, responsible digital citizenship, and online etiquette to join a one-year leadership development and mentoring on fact-checking and multimedia content production to help combat disinformation by fact-checking information.

Program The Break the Fake Movement, in partnership with Internews, will implement an influencer-led media and information literacy campaign under the project called Strengthening Disinformation Resilience in the Philippines – Six-Track Engagement Against Disinformation Initiative (STEAD-i).

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