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[Ponderings] The Greatest Love Of All

By Philip Suzara

Pondering… as I sit here at the edge of my mythical life pond.

One can see many things happening at the edge of life’s pond, as in any pond. Decisions are made there, life changing decisions, defining moments… to get in the pond, or not. The pond is encircled by its edges in different forms and kinds: straight, jagged, rough, rocks, pebbles, sand, soil, or mud. Very much like people. No matter the differences we have, we all belong there… around the life pond, inside, outside, at the edge, but there.

We think about our life, of who we really are, of where we are, and why we are even here. We also think about the many events in our lives, we wonder at having gone through all of those different times; our rainy and sunny days, the dreadful storms, rosy and happy days – life changing moments all. It is amazing how we all hurdle the obstacles life has presented; I should say that we all did, in many different ways and manner. I know we all did because we are all still very much around. Going through all of those along our journey means we have lived our lives – there is that saying we cannot die if we have not lived, it will not be right.

A common reason why we were able to make it up to today is because we cared about ourselves, we love ourselves, valuing our lives and our souls because we are human beings created by the Great One. We drop the ego and comfort ourselves with the dignity and love bestowed upon us by God, our Creator.

The song, “The Greatest Love Of All '' comes so reassuring when I think of making it through these life changing moments every single day of our lives. Our everyday life is filled with trials and tribulations with assaults on our morality, our dignity and our civil liberties caused by the kleptocrats and kakistocrats of this inept and morally corrupt administration.

We have to be steeled despite the hurdles – we have to make that change for our future, our children’s future; and we can only do that if and when we love ourselves. You will not see the need to be like anyone else if you completely accept and love yourself for who you are. That, to me, is the most meaningful and the most fundamental need before we can love others; we cannot appreciate nor give what we do not have. Self-love is basically the ability to deny things that cause harm to your mental, physical and psychological well-being irrespective of whom or what may be demanding them.

As much as caring for others is necessary, your well-being also matters. If you’re not fit enough, how then will there be strength to cater for the emotional and psychological needs of others?

Loving one’s self is the greatest love of all – it is not selfish because the love that is in you isn’t love unless you give it away. Love is that gift that continues to give.

Calm yourself. Close your eyes. Listen to the words of the song that connects to your soul… your spirit.

"The Greatest Love Of All"

“I believe the children are our future

Teach them well and let them lead the way

Show them all the beauty they possess inside

Give them a sense of pride to make it easier

Let the children's laughter remind us how we used to be

Everybody is searching for a hero

People need someone to look up to I never found anyone to fulfill my needs

A lonely place to be

So I learned to depend on me.

I decided long ago, never to walk in anyone's shadows

If I fail, if I succeed

At least I live as I believe

No matter what they take from me

They can't take away my dignity

Because the greatest love of all

Is happening to me

I found the greatest love of all

Inside of me

The greatest love of all

Is easy to achieve

Learning to love yourself

It is the greatest love of all.

I believe the children are our future

Teach them well and let them lead the way

Show them all the beauty they possess inside

Give them a sense of pride to make it easier

Let the children's laughter remind us how we used to be.

And if by chance, that special place

That you've been dreaming of

Leads you to a lonely place

Find your strength in love”

And, yes, we will find our strength in love!

Pondering, as I sit here at the edge of life’s pond.

n. b.

“The Greatest Love Of All”, Linda Creed and Michael Masser in 1977,

sang beautifully by two iconic singers, George Benson in 1977 and Whitney Houston in 1985.

Philip Suzara

Creature of God. Child of the Universe. Global Citizen. Lover of Life. Freedom Fighter. Agent of Change. Lone Wolf. Occasional Consultant for Strategic Communications.

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