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[INTERNSHIP] Now You Know opens internship opportunity

Two years after its establishment in 2018, Now You Know PH has now become one of the country’s fastest growing civic media platforms with almost 1 million online followers. The creation of NYK is a response to the rampant spread of disinformation and misinformation on social media especially leading to the 2019 midterm elections. Today, NYK continues to endeavor in bringing into light the relevant information on pressing issues in the Philippines.

The platform garnered its first recognition as the Most Development-Oriented Radio/TV Station/Online Platform at the 2021 Gandingan Awards.

With the tasks at hand and given the opportunity to share learnings from its early success, Now You Know opens various internship positions for Journalism students from different provinces in the Philippines. They are encouraged to apply and become part of NYK’s pool of interns, particularly to contribute to its coverage of the upcoming 2022 national elections ‘season’. As a dedicated platform by the youth and for the youth, NYK aims to become an avenue for youth journalists, to inform the youth, through factual and relevant reporting that sparks truthful discussion on societal issues that confront the majority of the Filipino people.

NYK has internship opportunities open for writers, copyreaders, producers, creatives, live correspondents, researchers and management assistants.

The internship program will run between August 2021 to June 2022 and will provide opportunities for students, both those complying with their school requirement and those doing voluntary internship, not only to contribute and have real-industry experience, but to also learn from practitioners in the field through the designed and customized learning sessions.

Applicants may send their CV to on or before July 15, 2021. The internship program team will be in touch for the next steps.

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