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Press Release

In less than two weeks, the Philippines will be hosting the 4th Asia Harm Reduction Forum, June 28. This year’s event rises to the challenges posed by the global pandemic as its set a virtual stage that will invite participants from different parts of the globe to join the discussions on public health.

As an annual gathering, the Asia Harm Reduction Forum provides an avenue for experts, academics, and advocates to convene and contribute to addressing the hazards posed by tobacco smoking. As a non-profit organization, it has also been active in campaigning for the integration of harm reduction strategies into policymaking across Asia as a holistic and pragmatic approach in protecting and promoting community well-being.

As a public health strategy, harm reduction intends to reduce the negative impact of risky human activities, one of which is substance abuse, through science-based and practical solutions.

Some of this year’s speakers include David Sweanor, an adjunct professor of law at the University of Ottawa who has actively worked on tobacco and health policy concerns in the national and global settings for decades; Clive Bates, former Director of Action on Smoking and Health, an international organization working towards eliminating the harm caused by tobacco; and Dr Lorenz Mata, President of Quit For Good, a non-profit organization committed to spreading awareness about the consequences of smoking tobacco and creating solutions to the tobacco smoking epidemic in the Philippines.

The forum is a great opportunity for smoke-free advocates and concerned individuals alike to hear about the latest studies and developments on harm reduction from leading thinkers in the field in real-time from anywhere in the world through different booming online platforms such as Zoom, Facebook, and YouTube. Participants will also be provided access to the materials presented by the speakers.

AHRF 2021 is organized by The Vapers Philippines, a consumer advocacy group that educates the public about safer tobacco product alternatives and champions reasonable e-cigarette regulations in the country.

Read more about the event on its official website at Interested participants can also register for free through the link

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